Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Sunday, everyone!

Right now I am using my sister's laptop, so I don't have any of the photos that I took yesterday. :( Oh, well. I will probably post them later on today or tomorrow.

I know that I have posted this photo before, but I wanted to enter it into Rachel's Photo Contest. The theme is Autumn Colors.


There is going to be a giveaway over at God's Daughter once Raquel reaches 500 followers. She only needs 32 more followers! Go on over and check out her blog and perhaps become a follower! (to view a preview of the prizes, go here)

Today because of the snow, our church services have been cancelled. I plan on spending a portion of my day crafting and taking photos of my crafts and the snow. I will be sure and share some of the photos I take with you all later.

What do you plan on doing with your Sunday?


Thank you for stopping by and brightening my day with a little bit of sunshine!