Thursday, February 28, 2013

february // list form

reconnecting with far-away friends at winter retreats
index cards
spontaneous outings
buying yarn
popcorn with brown sugar and chocolate chips
family time
unexpected breaks in the midst of stressful days
knitting books

inspired by:
sunrises on the snow
soft yarn
vintage fashions

managed to:
get some craft projects done
do well in art class
survive the downton abbey season finale
not completely freak out about english class

all while listening to:
come fly with me - michael buble
bless the broken road - selah
a girl worth fighting for  - mulan
amazing grace - hayley westenra
prayer - jeff berry band
may it be - celtic woman/lisa kelly
les mis in general

what have you done this month? am i the only one who thought february just whizzed by?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


i look through the stack of mail on the counter. i see a brown package with my name on it. i cut off the tape, open it up, and see this: 

my free pair of glasses from firmoo! i had been offered the chance to review a pair of their glasses. at first i said no because i do not need glasses, but they were kind enough to offer non-prescription glasses or a pair of sunglasses. i ordered a pair of lovely spectacles. they came in a nice hard case along with a repair kit:

and a cleaning cloth:

i love the detailing on them!

i really like these glasses! the frames suit my small face {often, glasses and sunglasses stick off the side of my head because they are too wide}. the red color stands out against my dark hair. the white details along the side are lovely. i have tried on other non-prescription glasses and they made my vision worse because of the way that the lenses were made, but i can still see perfectly with these glasses. i am so glad that i got to review these glasses! the customer service from firmoo was excellent and i received the package within a good amount of time, considering the fact that they came from around the world. i encourage you to check out their site. you can join in on the free pair program here! they have the option to upload a photo of yourself so that you can "try glasses on" before you decide on a pair. i had a fun time trying on the various styles available.

happy wednesday, lovelies!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

frozen in time


tick, tock,
tick, tock.
she looked at the clock, the huge grandfather clock that had stood in the hallway for as long as she could remember. it had marked the constant motion of time, the changes that had come, her best and worst moments. time had moved on, but the clock had never stopped its steady ticking.
today, though, the clock had stopped. she watched as her father tried to get the pendulum to swing again. it started, but then slowly ceased to move. the clock was broken, frozen at this moment in time. it would always show the time that she had left her childhood home, perhaps forever. the old clock had stopped ticking as if to mourn her departure. as a girl, she had hidden in the back of the grandfather clock while playing hide-and-go-seek with her cousins. when summer flowers bloomed in the meadow, she had made daisy crowns to adorn its tall mahogany frame. its soothing rhythm had sung her to sleep every night of her childhood.
now, it was broken, and she was leaving. the old clock would never again be her hiding place; she would never again pick flowers in the meadow; it would never again sing her to sleep. she was leaving it behind, frozen in time.

a journal entry in english class about the prompt "a broken clock". 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

lists // snowy days and music

february always seemed like a rather slow month to me, but this one has been the opposite. here are a few lists to show a little of what i have been doing recently...

make it real - gaither vocal band
the 2005 pride and prejudice soundtrack
anything les mis, especially a little fall of rain, who am i, and empty chairs at empty tables
a picture of grace - gaither vocal band
when i say i do - matthew west
wedding day - casting crowns
prelude no. 1 in c major - bach


the apothecary's daughter - julie klassen
the brontes - juliet barker
to kill a mockingbird - harper lee
les miserables - victor hugo
mary barton - elizabeth gaskell

knitting socks
fleece blankets
disney princess calenders
liberty's kids
funky socks
sleeping in
clean clothes
field trips
warm scarves
high heels
snow days

Thursday, February 7, 2013

her reflection

Sunlight blinks through the sheer windows. A lonely chair sits in the corner by the window. A mirror rest against the shelf near the chair.
She looks at the white chair then turns to its reflection in the mirror. Silence fills the room. Lonely and alone, she stares out the window, wondering if he will come today. If he does, maybe they can share some tea and cookies. After chatting for a while, they could wander through the bare field by the house. He would have to go once night began to fall, but he would only leave after promising to return as soon as possible.
She sighs, turning back to the empty chair and its reflection. Sitting down, she pretends that her reflection is him. Sadly, she stares at her eyes in the mirror. What has happened to her? Is she really so desperately lonely that she turns to her memories and a mirror to keep herself company?
Shaking off her sorrowful thoughts, she turns back to the window, imagining what she will say when he finally returns.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

loving and listening

head-clearing walks
long skirts
charcoal drawings
art supplies
helpful teachers
making lists
letters {from her and her}

people in chorus who don't have rhythm
a lack of snow

listening to...
the '05 pride and prejudice soundtrack {especially this song}
anything les mis, mostly empty chairs at empty tables and bring him home