Saturday, March 23, 2013

the water is wide // lists

hearing...                              missing...                            listening to...          
shower water                         spring rains                           10,000 reasons
footsteps                                friends                                  home {the king's singers}
laughter                                  the ocean                             resurrection hymn
celtic music                             blogging regularly                 the water is wide
                                              warm fingers
thankful for...                                                                  things i need to do...
chocolate                              just the small things...        homework
hugs                                     yarn fuzz clinging to my          reply to letters
productive frustration              dress pants                         practice music
fuzzy yarn                            bare ground                           clean my desk
bookmarked websites         car sunroofs                           knit
first corinthians one nine       inky pens                              update my to-do list
planning ahead                     knitting books
spontaneous adventures       colored pencils                      things i would like to do...
                                           good books                           knit all day, every day
colors i love...                    weekends                              go for a drive
teal                                      late-night shopping                 go outside without being cold
burnt orange                        excursions                          be able to memorize music faster
seaglass green                     sandals                                  bake bread
                                           running on playgrounds
                                           tea to warm my hands
                                              as well as my insides

the foolishness of God is wiser than men;
and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
first corinthians one twenty-five

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

like a raindrop

i am caught in between winter and spring like a raindrop caught in the space between a cloud and the ground. like the rain, i am always moving; i am heading towards spring. on some days, though, the ground seems very far away.

i love winter - the snow, the holidays, the tea drinking weather, scarves, cold toes - all of it. i also love spring, the season of growing things in which i lay aside my bulky winter boots for sandals, the season when gentle breezes are cool but not biting.

it is this space in between the two that i do not enjoy. life has not yet begun to spring up from the warm earth, but the snow is melting, leaving behind bare, ugly, brown grass and mud. i want either winter's snow of spring's rain fall, but not this mix of the two.

if only the snow would melt completely.
if only a warm rain and some sunshine would encourage the little growing things.
if only the world around me could be full of color once again.

until then, i am caught between seasons, leaving one before i can arrive at the other, like a raindrop caught between a cloud and the ground.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

i am sorry, and how are you?

my little sisters. from l to r: natalia ("tippy"), sadie ("woo-woo"), and chloe (funnykins).

i am sorry for neglecting you all recently. i have nothing to offer as an excuse besides the fact that life happens and moves on whether i blog or not. i know that when some bloggers come back from a break they write about how they are overflowing with photos and words and stories, but i am not. i have some ideas for posts, but i don't have hundreds of photos to share with you all, as much as i wish i did. rather, i just want to tell you that i hope to get back to blogging regularly, or at least a couple of times a week.

thank you for sticking with me and putting up with my inconsistency. i appreciate every one of you. i would also like to get to know you all a little better. what has been going on in your life recently? or maybe, if you are a newer follower, you could introduce yourself, tell me more about you. would you please?

i'll start.
i am emily. lately, i have been looking forward to spring (it comes a little late up here in maine) while doing my homework. i like to look out the window by my desk and think about green grass and golden dandelions. knitting makes me happy, as do brightly colored index cards.

how are you?