Wednesday, March 20, 2013

like a raindrop

i am caught in between winter and spring like a raindrop caught in the space between a cloud and the ground. like the rain, i am always moving; i am heading towards spring. on some days, though, the ground seems very far away.

i love winter - the snow, the holidays, the tea drinking weather, scarves, cold toes - all of it. i also love spring, the season of growing things in which i lay aside my bulky winter boots for sandals, the season when gentle breezes are cool but not biting.

it is this space in between the two that i do not enjoy. life has not yet begun to spring up from the warm earth, but the snow is melting, leaving behind bare, ugly, brown grass and mud. i want either winter's snow of spring's rain fall, but not this mix of the two.

if only the snow would melt completely.
if only a warm rain and some sunshine would encourage the little growing things.
if only the world around me could be full of color once again.

until then, i am caught between seasons, leaving one before i can arrive at the other, like a raindrop caught between a cloud and the ground.


  1. this is sweet, dearie, and a good thought.
    I really like your design, by the way!

  2. Gorgeous! You, my dear, are an amazing writer!

  3. pretty photos! i am so ready for spring!

  4. this is darling. really such a lovely picture, m'dear. xoxo | grace


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