Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stop categorizing

Why do we have this desire to put people into boxes? Introvert or extrovert. Talkative or shy. Right or left brained. Myers-Briggs personality types. Hobbies.

The other day on the radio, a dj said, "Here's an easy quiz to find out whether you're an introvert or an extrovert: are you happy or disappointed when a social event gets cancelled?" But for me, it's not that easy. Some days I long to be around people and talk to them, but other days I'm content to sit in my room alone all day long. I'v taken many (free) versions of the Myers-Briggs personality types and I've received both introverted and extroverted results. I love being an ambivert, but so often we try to categorize other people and even ourselves by test results, personality traits, or pretty much anything else.

The growing trend of taking Myers-Briggs tests is so cool because it helps us to understand ourselves and others and why we think the way we think and why we get along better with some people than with others, but it can also allow us to make excuses for ourselves about why we can or do not want to do certain things. That's the problem with trying to categorize people. There is so much depth within one person that it is impossible to completely understand everything about them.

So let's stop putting people into boxes, judging them just by the little bit we see of their inner thoughts, sometimes after just meeting them a couple of times. Instead, let's allow people to be themselves and allow us to be ourselves instead of trying to force ourselves to act a certain way.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Favorite Things // 1

Inspired by the lovely Lauren's "Favorite Things" posts, I have decided to share with you what I have been loving this week.

// Using Iconosquare to track stats for my Etsy shop's instagram account. //

// Swan's Island's beautiful yarn and the fact that they are made in my home state of Maine. //

// This Lizzie Bennet Diaries Mug. I love that youtube series, mugs, and tea, so this mug is just too perfect. //

// This cute snail mail idea. I love the idea of putting together sweet packages like that for people but I often don't get around to actually doing it, but this one looks fairly simple and super cute. //

// Smoothie recipes and ideas like this one. Lately I've been working 3:00-10:00 am shifts at my job at Dunkin Donuts, so smoothies are fantastic breakfasts that I can make the night before and drink on my way to work. //

// The Sherlock Christmas Special trailer. I was already excited for the special because it's Sherlock, but this hilarious trailer made me even more excited. //

What have been some of your favorite things this week?

Friday, July 3, 2015

I like being busy

I like being busy.

Well, that's not quite true.

I like the feeling of importance that can come with being busy. I like accomplishing things. I like meeting goals and seeing good results from my work.

That's why things like sitting outside just to be outside, letting myself take a nap, simply cuddling with my little sisters on the couch, and other "non-productive" things can sometimes be hard for me to do. I want to always be doing something.

But lately, I've been learning that I need those times of quiet rest. I'm not advocating for laziness or procrastination, but I need to remember that it's okay to put away my homework and computer and allow myself to rest.