Thursday, February 7, 2013

her reflection

Sunlight blinks through the sheer windows. A lonely chair sits in the corner by the window. A mirror rest against the shelf near the chair.
She looks at the white chair then turns to its reflection in the mirror. Silence fills the room. Lonely and alone, she stares out the window, wondering if he will come today. If he does, maybe they can share some tea and cookies. After chatting for a while, they could wander through the bare field by the house. He would have to go once night began to fall, but he would only leave after promising to return as soon as possible.
She sighs, turning back to the empty chair and its reflection. Sitting down, she pretends that her reflection is him. Sadly, she stares at her eyes in the mirror. What has happened to her? Is she really so desperately lonely that she turns to her memories and a mirror to keep herself company?
Shaking off her sorrowful thoughts, she turns back to the window, imagining what she will say when he finally returns.


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