Wednesday, February 27, 2013


i look through the stack of mail on the counter. i see a brown package with my name on it. i cut off the tape, open it up, and see this: 

my free pair of glasses from firmoo! i had been offered the chance to review a pair of their glasses. at first i said no because i do not need glasses, but they were kind enough to offer non-prescription glasses or a pair of sunglasses. i ordered a pair of lovely spectacles. they came in a nice hard case along with a repair kit:

and a cleaning cloth:

i love the detailing on them!

i really like these glasses! the frames suit my small face {often, glasses and sunglasses stick off the side of my head because they are too wide}. the red color stands out against my dark hair. the white details along the side are lovely. i have tried on other non-prescription glasses and they made my vision worse because of the way that the lenses were made, but i can still see perfectly with these glasses. i am so glad that i got to review these glasses! the customer service from firmoo was excellent and i received the package within a good amount of time, considering the fact that they came from around the world. i encourage you to check out their site. you can join in on the free pair program here! they have the option to upload a photo of yourself so that you can "try glasses on" before you decide on a pair. i had a fun time trying on the various styles available.

happy wednesday, lovelies!

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