Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Fashion Day and Days 18, 19, and 20

There is one last Fall Fashion Day going on here:

Here is my outfit:

Plaid Shirt: JCPenney. I paid $18 for this shirt, and that's about the most I have ever spent on one shirt. :)
Dress Pants: Hand-me-down
Argyle shoes: Payless

I apologize for not posting yesterday or the day before, but I didn't have time yesterday and on Tuesday I auditioned for the district chorus {which I made, by the way. :) }

So, on to the 31-Day Challenge.

Day 18 - A Photo Experimenting with Water Puddles

I didn't have any photos of water puddles and we don't have any puddles here, but this is water, so I figured it was close enough. :)

I am also entering this photo in Ashlyn's photo challenge. The theme is sooc - straight out of camera.

Day 19 - A Photo of Whatever You Want

I was editing this photo

And I couldn't decide which edit I liked best. Which is your favorite? 
(Oh, and I edited all of these on Picnik)


edits done: boost, cinema scope with out letterbox


edits done: boost, 1960's


Day 20 - A Photo Involving a Tree

This photo makes me laugh. My sister was putting her shawl on during our photoshoot (see my post on that here) and it got caught on some little branches and then she almost fell down the little hill behind her.

How was your Thursday?


  1. Ok. I LOVE that photo! The sun flare is amazing! Wow, I just love it! Thanks so much for linking up!
    I love edit two best:)

  2. Great post!! :) My Thursday has been a good one :)
    God bless!!

  3. @Ashlyn - Thanks! No problem. I like edit 2, also.
    @Lizzie - Thanks! I am glad you had a good Thursday.

  4. that is such a gorgeous sooc photo! and i personally like edit two best.(:

  5. Thanks! Edit 2 seems to be the current favorite. :)

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