Monday, October 10, 2011

Catching up on the 31-Day Challenge {Days 7-10}

I need to get caught up on this challenge! Here are Days 7-10.

{note: all of these photos, except for Day 10, are from my weekend trip. more photos will be coming sometime!}

Day 7 - A Silhouette Photo

I didn't know exactly what counted as a silhouette photo, so I have three.

My shadow:

A friend's hands:

I took this photo while the music video for Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman was playing during the concert that I saw last night. I saw Steven Curtis Chapman live. :) Happiness!

Day 8 - A photo of something/someone in the distance

Everything but the sand and some of the water is in the distance, right?

 Day 9 - A photo of something/someone close up

Yesterday, we found some hermit crabs along the beach, and this was one of them.

Day 10 - A photo you took a year ago (un-edited).

Obviously, this photo is not from this weekend as it was taken a year ago. :) Actually, I uploaded it to Facebook one year ago tomorrow.

Sorry for all of the posts today, but I had to get caught up. :)

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