Monday, October 17, 2011

Giveaways and 31-Day Challenge

I am sorry that so many of my posts have been about giveaways lately, but there are so many lovely giveaways going on right now! Here are a few more that I am entering today:

Kelsey over at A Ray of Sunshine is hosting another fall giveaway (here is the link to her first fall giveaway). This week the prizes are:

This pair of earrings

and this set of three lovely hair pin trio.

The next giveaway is over at Giveaways of Blessing. The winner will receive this lovely clutch made especially for this giveaway:

Some new prizes have been added to Lily's giveaway over at Belle Fleur Photography, so be sure and check that giveaway out, as well!

Now, on to the 31-Day Challenge. I didn't have time to post a photo yesterday, so here are days 16 and 17:

Day 16 - A Photo of Your Parents

These are my favorite parents in the whole world. :) True, they are my only parents, but if I could pick my parents I would choose them.

Day 17 - A Photo Involving Street Lights

Since I live in a little town, we don't have any street lights that I can take a photo of. So, I figured these lights would count.

These are lights above the screen at the drive-ins.

And now, just to leave you with some cuteness:

(I am entering this photo in two photo challenges)

Theme: Something Sweet (hey, babies are pretty sweet!)

Theme: Something you love.

Hope you have a good day!


  1. Yes indeed, that is a sweet face!

  2. oh my goodness what a fun and sweet baby face..loved your creativeness for streetlights

  3. Great photos! Thanks for linking up Emily Ruth! :)



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