Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Day of October

Happy First Day of October, everyone!

Francesca is holding a photo contest and this week's theme is fall.

This photo means fall to me because of the leaves on the ground, but also because of the little red schoolhouse in the background.
(Oh, and the effect I used for this picture was Cross Process on Picnik. I love it!)

Another thing that means fall to me is baking.
This morning I baked with these cuties.
Aren't they just too cute?
We made chocolate chip cookies (sadly, from a mix. It was in the cupboard and was easier to make with little people than cookies from scratch).

Sadie and Chloe
 I made these muffins this morning, also. The recipe is the Create Your Own Muffins recipe from this post by  Royal Daughters of the King. For these muffins, I put a cup of strawberries in the batter.

They taste pretty good. :) I honestly had never had muffins with strawberries in them before, or at least not that I can remember.


  1. Love the picture thanks for entering!

  2. Love the pictures!! Those muffins look really good!! :)


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