Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Fashion

You may remember me writing about Miss Johanna's Walk Through the Orchard. Well, today on the program, it is Fall Fashion Day. What you do is wear a fall-ish outfit and post about it. Then you link up to the original post on original post on Grace's Garden Walk and are thus eligible to win prizes that are only available to those who enter the Fall Fashion Day.

So, this is my outfit.

Green Sweater: gift (it came from Kohl's). It is super soft with nice long sleeves and I love it!

Gray Skirt: purchased from Goodwill. I love that place! I bought this skirt for $5. :)

Necklace and earrings: Christmas gift

And now just so you can see my face...(excuse the shining white gum in my mouth).

If you have a blog, try and link up to the Fall Fashion post! The link will be open for a couple more days. :)

Happy Fall!


  1. Oooo! That is such a pretty outfit, and girl wearing the outfit! :)
    ~Lily bellefluerphotography.blogspot.com

  2. Cute sweater! :) I linked-up too. :)


    Proverbs 16:3

  3. Thank you, ladies! You're too sweet. :)

  4. I absolutely love this outfit! It looks very fall-y. You're so pretty. :)


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