Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Connecticut Weekend Photos

My mom, older sister Abbie, and my four youngest siblings visited friends in Connecticut last weekend. These photos are a little overdue. :) But hey, better late than never, right?

We walked down to the beach on Sunday after church.

I have now officially decided that I want to own a little cottage on the beach on an isolated stretch of sand.

It is so going to happen.

Oh, feet photos. I couldn't help taking some pictures of them. :)

There were so many more shells on their beach than our beaches in Maine! It was crazy.

This is Sarah and I. Oh, and those are Sarah's hands.

This is the shadow of Sarah's hands.

Sarah and I walked in a heart shape (on purpose). I thought it looked pretty cool.

Oh, feet. Photos of you make me happy. :)

We were able to attend a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert Sunday evening. :)

This guy is Josh Wilson. He played a wicked guitar. (Sorry, I had to use a Mainer word. I couldn't think of any other word that fit).

This guy was Andrew Peterson. He talked in a British accent while telling a story. It was pretty cool.

And then...there was Steven Curtis Chapman.

He was amazing, of course. :)

Some of my favorite songs from the concert were:

Heaven is the Face by Steven Curtis Chapman

I will be here by Steven Curtis Chapman

Dancing in Minefields by Andrew Peterson

The Reckoning by Andrew Peterson

I Refuse by Josh Wilson

How was your weekend?


  1. Great pics!! I LOVE the 5 one!!!So cool!!

  2. I LOVE the pictures!!!!

  3. You are a good photographer. I enjoy it but am not particularly gifted in that area :(. I don't let that stop me though :)

    I like you header

  4. @Eowyn - thank you! I enjoy it. Just keep taking pictures and you will get better. :)


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