Sunday, October 16, 2011

Look Up

A few days ago, my sister, Abbie, and I were driving to orchestra rehearsal. The radio was on. I sat in the passenger seat, staring straight ahead at the long, gray road.


Suddenly, I looked up. I saw that we were driving through a tunnel of lovely autumn trees. The vivid colors stood out against the gray dullness of the road.

The rest of the ride I spent looking up at the farmhouses, fields, and trees along the road. I would have missed a lot of beautiful sights had I simply watched the road the whole way.

Nature Photography, autumn tractor orange fall rust red yellow golden leaves - fine art harvest photography

Life is like that sometimes. I tend to only pay attention to what is right before me and how whatever is going on will affect me. I forget to look up.


When I do look up, I wonder how I could have ever forgotten what it feels like to be spending time with God and how He helps me see and dwell on more than just the present.

Photo: An autumn vista

There are many beautiful things to be seen if one only looks up instead of straight ahead.

I want to challenge you to remember to look up - today, tomorrow, and forever.


Have you looked up today?

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