Monday, April 2, 2012

weekly wrap-up #6

reading // a lineage of grace //

listening to // phantom of the opera // celtic women {you raise me up} // natalie macmaster {npg} //

crafting // this blanket // this sweater // this bag

enjoyed // having a day off from school // shopping with my sisters // making crumb cake {recipe coming on wednesday} // re-reading the rebelution modesty survey

what have you been reading/listening to/making/doing this week?


  1. Your week sounded peaceful, though it probably was far from that. I know mine aren't even though it may sound it, or maybe it was. :))
    Writing Writing Writing is the name of the week for me, but I enjoy it. and some reading religiously also. is a lineage of grace good ? it sounds neat.
    Rachel Hope

    1. It was pretty peaceful, but there were rough spots. Things always sound different when written out. *smiles*.
      What were you writing?
      I have been enjoying A Lineage of Grace. Even though I know most of the stories by heart, I don't like to put it down.



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