Thursday, April 26, 2012

golden hour munchkins

a few days ago, i babysat my little siblings. i really wanted to get some good photos of them since they're so adorable and the lighting was really good, but they wouldn't hold still. oh, well. i got a few cute ones. enjoy!

walking along the path to pick flowers.

holding hands and chatting.

more conversation...

she kept bending down to point at things on the ground.

they are pretty much the most adorable little girls ever.
{left to right: chloe, natalia, sadie}

stroller rides!

amazed by flowers that she dropped in about 30 seconds.

see? cute little munchkins and good lighting.

sliding down into an empty pool.

happy thursday, all!


  1. Aww! They are *So* cute! My little sister and I did the same thing the night before last. It was golden hour and we were at our grandparents house- they have a field in the backyard so guess what? I'm celebrating my first golden hour photoshoot and glowing with my Baby's memory card bursting at the scenes. Gotta love that hour.


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