Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what i wore // fishtail

skirt // gift {tj maxx, maybe?}
shirt // marden's
jacket // hand-me-down
black dress shoes // kohl's

so, i love this skirt. it is floor length, full, has "good spinners", as my little sisters would say, and has cool patterns on it. i call it my hippie skirt. it's actually so long that at school that when i go up or down the stairs i have to gather it up in my hands so that no one behind me steps on it.

sitting on and jumping off of broken swingset = lots of fun.

i finally figured out how to make a fishtail look good. pardon the windblown look in these photos - this was near the end of the day.

do you know how to fishtail?

happy wednesday, everyone!


  1. Cute outfit! The skirt is beautiful. Your hair looks so pretty! Wish I could do that with mine... :)

  2. Your skirt is so pretty and perfect for spring !
    I love your braid, I just got my hair cut past my shoulder, my first time :/ and I was just struck with the realization I cant braid my hair anymore.
    Rachel Hope


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