Friday, April 20, 2012

in God's hands // giveaway #3

{note: all giveaways will be ending at midnight the night of april 29/morning of april 30. i'm sorry that i didn't mention that sooner!}

our third giveaway of the week is from:

melissa was so willing to work with me even though i messaged her just earlier this week. i really enjoyed reading her profile and the theory behind starting this shop. you should all go and read it here. she was so willing to let me pick what i wanted for this giveaway. thank you so much, melissa!

here is just a small peek at some of the items in melissa's shop:

Captured Feather in a Tiny Bottle Necklace on Antique Gold Chain with Picture Jasper, Natural Wood and Tiny Bird

Triple Feather Necklace in Mixed Metals on Vintage Chain, Silver, Gold, Brass, Pendant, Charm, Tiny

Lace Ruffle and Pearl  Necklace

and now, here is the prize that one of you will win:

Tiny Antique Brass Envelope Necklace
this lovely antique brass envelope necklace! so, go ahead and enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love the little pendant you chose its too cute.
    And wow in Gods hands is such a cute shop, a lot of the necklaces called to me, Like the Antique gold Eiffel tower pearl necklace is so pretty, and being a girl with wanderlust the She Loves to Travel Antique Brass Passport Necklace with Tiny Heart and Flower, ah that is my favorite who would have thought of a passport. The Bird and Tiny Cage Necklace, Antique Gold Chain, Brass, Beaded, Romantic, Whimsy, that one is as it says whimsical.
    What a cute giveaway, by the way your the first giveaway I have entered.
    Rachel Hope

  2. My favorite item is the


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