Sunday, April 22, 2012

pretty tape // giveaway #4

our fourth giveaway is sponsored by pretty tape. glenda responded to my message promptly and allowed me to choose whatever item i chose for this giveaway. i really appreciated how good she was to me.

now, here is a sneak peek into her shop. she has soooo many lovely kinds of tape and i encourage you all to browse through her shop.

Black and White Houndstooth Washi Tape 15mm Japanese MT Masking Tape Single - PrettyTape

Vertical Purple Lace Trim Paper Washi Tape Japanese 15mm Single 49ft

School Yellow GREEN Gingham Grid Japanese Washi Tape 15mm

Japanese Washi Tape - Little Garden GREEN and PEACH 15mm - Packaging

now, here is the tape that one of you will win:

Vintage Style mt ex RED Stripe Gingham Floral Washi Tape 15mm Japanese Masking Tape - PrettyTape 
Vintage Style mt ex RED Stripe Gingham Floral Washi Tape 15mm Japanese Masking Tape - PrettyTape

disclaimer: if this roll goes out of stock, another roll of tape will be given away in it's place. 
now, go on and enter! this giveaway will end at 12:01 a.m. on april 30 {midnight of the 20th/early morning of the 30th}.

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  1. This is my favorite item

  2. Oh my... there are too many kinds of tape to choose from! I really like the Japanese Green Stripes though.

  3. My favorite item is this:
    Because turquoise is one of my favorite colors! <3

  4. My favorite would be:
    I'm a sucker for Houndstooth.

  5. My favorite item is the Little Garden tape - it's absolutely adorable!

  6. Oooohhh...pretty tape. :D My favorite item is this I like the colors and design.


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