Saturday, April 14, 2012

weekly wrap-up #8

it's that time of week again!

this past weekend my sister abbie, my father, and i went on a road trip. we went down to visit a college that abbie is interested in down in lancaster county, pennsylvania. we left from our concert thrusday night, drove down/slept {not at the same time, of course}, and got there a couple of hours before the college preview day began. we toured the campus, stayed in a hotel on saturday night, and drove home today. with no traffic in the middle of the night, it only took us seven hours to get there. on the way home it took us about eight hours, not including stops. we had a blast, though, so it was alright to be in the car for that long.*smiles*

reading // mansfield park {i'm about halfway through. it's not my favorite austen book, but it's pretty good.}

listening // gaither vocal band // pride and prejudice sountrack

crafting // this headband

enjoying // eating salt & vinegar pringles // travelling // farms & fields // country roads // this song // receiving a sweet note from hannah // seeing cherry trees in bloom // "sneaking up" on big sisters with little sisters

what have you:
//listened to//
this week?

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  1. Oh wow! Your shots are so pretty! And hey- vinegar and salt pringles? The best. ever.

    Well, I've read Cranford, by Elizabeth Gaskell.
    Made banana nut bread
    enjoyed a tea part with friends


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