Sunday, April 22, 2012

thrifting finds

i went shopping at goodwill a few days ago and ended up with some lovely items! i typically only have time to look through the clothes, but on this day i decided to browse through the other sections. i'm so glad that i did! here are some of my finds:

this cute little tin box. i don't quite know why i like it, but i do.
{mrs. fields is a cookie company}
cost: $1

this sewing pattern has some cute and easily-adapted shirts. i like the styles.
cost: $0.50

i thought that this embroidery hoop would make a good earring holder or something else that i might find on pinterest. *smiles*.
cost: $1

i think this magazine is my favorite find of the day. i was hunting through the magazine crate, thinking that i might find something good. well, i got the spring 2008 interweave knits magazine. it's the perfect season and it has some really pretty sweaters in it!

have you found anything good at thrift stores recently or ever?
do you often go shopping at thrift stores?

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