Monday, March 26, 2012

afghan and tree bark

this is one of my current knitting projects {one of - i have many}. it is an afghan. it is my first blanket, actually. i really like it.

i worked on it while sitting in my new favorite place.

this tree is my backrest.

we officially have daffodils! it is exciting. 

what have you been crafting lately?


  1. Oh wow! You're afghan is amazing- you are just *so* talented. I'm actually trying my hand at one because I found 3 HUGE rolls of yarn on sale (only 1.00 a piece!) at Walmart. So, that's my newest knitting project :-)

    p.s. hurray for daffodils! I'm just glad we're getting grass...

    1. Thank you, Gabby! I love getting a good deal on yarn. I hope you'll let us know how your afghan goes!


      p.s. we're getting daffodils before much grass right now. :P


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