Saturday, March 3, 2012

some projects lately

today i thought i would share some of my recent projects!

after seeing this pin, i made this rotating goals list:

 thanks so much for all of the great ideas that you lovely ladies gave me on this post! here are a few projects that i have made with my scrap yarn:

inspired by this pin, i made this bottle.

i freelanced/followed this pattern to make these little flowers and make them into hair accessories for my little sisters.

 then, a friend sent me the link to this crochet bow tutorial. i made one while watching a movie with my brothers. i thought that it would be the perfect size for a bow tie. then, come sunday morning, my brother luke came up to me and asked where his bow tie was.

he wore it to church that morning.

i made another one that i am working on turning into a headband.

although i have not photographed them, i made a few of these sweet little hearts:

Pinned Image

some other ideas that i have found are:

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

what have you been crafting lately?


  1. I l.o.v.e all of your crafting lists, dearie! It's so nice to have a great reference place to go whenever I need project inspiration. Also, thanks so much for linking my pin ;-)


  2. p.s. I meant to say that all of your recent projects are so sweet! Your brother is a handsome young man ;-) And I really like all the flowers and the yarn covered bottle.

    Love again!

    1. Thank you, m'dear! I enjoy looking up different projects. You're welcome! It is such a lovely pattern I just had too. *smiles*.



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