Thursday, March 1, 2012

allow me to tell you a story

allow me to tell you the story of my missing camera.

we went to new brunswick after Christmas to visit my dad's side of the family. on the way home, we stopped by the home of a couple that meant a lot to my parents in their early married life. i brought my camera in and did not end up using it because i took care of my baby sister. i had set down my camera where i sat when we first went inside, but i never went back to that spot. still holding my little sister, i walked out the door and into the van without my camera. the lady we had been visiting found it a few minutes after we left and tried to call my mom's cell phone, but we were in Canada so my mom's phone was turned off. we got all the way home {about a five hour trip} before i realized that my camera was missing. we figured out where we had left it and got in touch with the couple. i did not want them to have to spend money to send it in the mail, nor did i want my camera to actually go through the mail. so, my grandparents drove down to pick it up, and i was finally able to get it back when we back up to Canada this past weekend for a teen retreat. i had been using my sister's camera, but i had really missed mine. i am soooo glad that i finally have it back!

so, i just felt like sharing that with you all so that you would not think it strange that i am sharing a few Christmas photos in february. *smiles*.


Christmas tree bokeh

too funny. *smiles*

sweet little baby {sorry about the bad photo quality}

more cousin time! was really cold outside!

not even in Canada is there snow all the time, everywhere. :P

i hope you all had a good day!


  1. lovely photos! shame about your camera but at least you have back! : )


    1. Thanks, Chantelle! I am very happy to have it back.

  2. I really like your pictures Emily! Natalia is sooo cute! And so is Chloe. I love taking pictures using Manual Focus where it makes the lights all blurry, really pretty!

    1. Thanks, Emma! I think they're pretty cute, too.
      I like blurry photos like that, too!


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