Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Fashion and some tutorials

Happy Friday! Also, happy 11-11-11!

Today because my older sister and I did not have to go to school (the rest of my siblings are homeschooled, as we used to be), we went on a field trip (photos hopefully coming soon). We visited a few of the places mentioned in a book that my mom had read out loud to my siblings. It was pretty cool since we got to drive by two houses that we used to live in and explore some parts of Maine that I had never seen before. Plus, we spent a lot of time in the van so I got a lot of knitting done. :) {you can see a photo of what my project, a doll sweater will hopefully look like here}

Now, for the Fall Fashion Challenge. Today's theme was Fall Trends. I chose plaid. I didn't get a photo of my complete outfit, but here it is in pieces:

It was really cold!

I wore this plaid shirt {minus the purple long sleeved shirt} underneath that pink sweatshirt in the above photo.

Plaid Shirt: Christmas Gift (from Kohl's)
Jean Skirt: Made by me
Pink Sweatshirt: Hand-me-down

I have been inspired by some projects that I have seen recently! There are so many great ideas for Christmas gifts! Here are a few of my favorites:

No-knit yarn necklace:


Lovely scarf"


Fabric covered boxes:

Fabric-Covered Boxes Craft Project

Newspaper bowl:

{it's in the news}

5 Strand braided headbands:



Primrose Needlebook

Knitted Cowl:

Pinned Image

Also, check out Gabby's post and Kelsey's post for even more great ideas! And don't forget to check One Stitch at a time next week for a blog event with lots of tutorials, recipes, and Etsy treasures!

What have you been crafting lately?

What do you plan on doing with your weekend?


  1. Hi from a Bramblewood Fashion reader! Those are some great tutorials, thanks for sharing! (And cute outfit, too!) The knitted cowl is my favorite-- it's not *too* intimidating to a pretty-new knitter like me. :)

    I've been sewing up a bunch of costumes for some medieval reenactors I know, figuring out my new serger, AND collecting notions and patterns for a couple of dresses I want to sew. Too busy!

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by!
    I really want to make that cowl!
    I can sew, but only a little. Definitely not enough to do what you're describing. :)

  3. Oooh! i really love all those!! i really need to get some fabric and break out a sewing machine, 'cause i ultra-love that scarf!!!!

  4. Very cute outfit! :) Love it! The shirt and the skirt are my favorites.


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