Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday Field Trip

On 11-11-11, my family went on a field trip. We drove around and looked at some places mentioned in a book that my mom read aloud to my younger siblings called "Lizzie Bright and and Buckminster Boy" by Gary Schmidt. I have not read the book, but I still enjoyed seeing the old buildings. We saw Malaga Island (where Lizzie lived) and drove around Phippsburg. Since I have not read it, but still wanted to give you a taste for what the book is about, I am sharing the following review with you that I found here on

It only takes a few hours for Turner Buckminster to start hating Phippsburg, Maine. No one in town will let him forget that he's a minister's son, even if he doesn't act like one. But then he meets Lizzie Bright Griffin, a smart and sassy girl from a poor nearby island community founded by former slaves. Despite his father's — and the town's — disapproval of their friendship, Turner spends time with Lizzie, and it opens up a whole new world to him, filled with the mystery and wonder of Maine's rocky coast.
The two soon discover that the town elders, along with Turner's father, want to force the people to leave Lizzie's island so that Phippsburg can start a lucrative tourist trade there. Turner gets caught up in a spiral of disasters that alter his life — but also lead him to new levels of acceptance and maturity.
This sensitively written historical novel, based on the true story of a community's destruction, highlights a unique friendship during a time of change.
I didn't take that many pictures. It was raining and we really didn't get out of the van a whole lot. Oh, well. I got some. :)
{photos without a watermark were taken by my mom}

l to r: my dad, Jacob, Sadie, Zach, Luke, me, and Chloe

Thank you, rain, for smudging my lens and thus my photos. 

This church was mentioned in the book. We stopped by to look at it and there was someone there! So we got to go inside. I LOVE walking around old churches.

This tree is over 200 years old!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Wow- it looks like y'all have fun! I love that picture of the church pews :-)


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