Tuesday, November 15, 2011


is quickly approaching. 

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I love Thanksgiving. I enjoy spending time with family that I don't get to see a lot, playing games, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and, of course, eating delicious food. But I also love how this holiday makes us stop and think. Sometimes I tend to rush ahead into Christmas and gift making, but when I slow down, I realize how much I love Thanksgiving. It makes me ask myself:

What Am I Thankful For?


Sometimes I forget to just stop and be thankful. It is not something that we should do once a year. Rather, it should be an attitude. We should be looking for things to be thankful for every day instead of on one special day. I will admit that I do not do this all the time. I know that I should, but I often forget. That is why I enjoy challenges that remind me to stop and be thankful. Samantha over at Simple Delights is hosting a Thankfulness Challenge {she is also hosting a giveaway}. The goal is to post what you are thankful for every day or a longer post once a week. For right now, I am going to be doing once a week, but who knows?


Now, on to what I am thankful for {beware, some of these are rather random :) }

- youth group discussions -

- purple skirts -

- outings with family -

- friends to laugh with -

- inspiring Christmas gift ideas -

- Christmas music -

- warm socks -

- libraries -

- knitting -

- music -


What are YOU Thankful for?


  1. That was a lovely {and thankful} post, Em dear! May I just say you have a very joyful heart. I don't think I've ever seen... rather, heard you "down."

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I try not to swell on the "down" parts of my days. :)


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