Monday, November 21, 2011

In Which I explain my Absence

I must apologize for my absence! If I had realized how busy I was going to be these past few days, I would have had some scheduled post. But, I didn't think of that. The past few days have been really full! On Thursday, I went to school and then spent the rest of the day at Merrill Auditorium in Portland for my orchestra concert. We had a dress rehearsal in the afternoon, I sat backstage while my sister had her dress rehearsal, and then it was the concert.

Friday was All State Audition day. I auditioned for chorus. After school, a group of chorus and band students auditioned for the All State band and chorus (All State is an auditioned group of people that rehearse one weekend and then perform at the end). I don't know whether I made it or now. I know my score (93.5 out of 120 points), but I don't know what the cut-off score is yet. Hopefully I will know soon! Friday was also my birthday. I was gone all day until 8:00, but we still had presents and cake. :)

Saturday morning I went out for breakfast with my dad. It is a birthday tradition in our family to go out to breakfast with Daddy on or near your birthday. We went to the Cracker Barrel (I am soo excited that we have one up here in very un-Southern Maine) and then went shopping. After that, I decorated for my birthday party, cooked meals for people in our church and wrapped the Operation Christmas Child gifts from our church with my Bible Study group, and had a joint birthday party with one of my friends whose birthday is in a week and a half. Here are some photos from the party:

I turned 16, she will be turning 15.


Then yesterday I went to church and was able to get on the computer, but only enough to catch up on e-mails, blogs, etc. 

That brings us to today. :) Today I went to school took some photos of my recent knitting projects, took care of my little sister, and read for a little while.

So, now we're all caught up! Thank you for being so understanding. :) Oh, and thank you to my new followers! I now have 33. You guys are great!


  1. Happy happy 16th birthday Emily! It looks like you had a good one so I shall wish you a good year. Sweet 16....

  2. Happy belated birthday :) We have a tradition in my family that somewhere near (though not always) our birthday we go out to either breakfast, lunch or dessert (not sure about dinner) with our dad :)

  3. Thank you!
    Kathleen - aren't traditions like that so much fun?


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