Monday, November 14, 2011

Sewing Tutorials

Hello, Everyone!

I hope you all had a good weekend. :)

Today I am linking up to this event:

I was very excited that Miss Grace started up this event! I love the Christmas about delightful secrets...creating and wrapping gifts...drinking hot cocoa while curled up by the tree...lights twinkling...snowflakes drifting towards the ground...
need I go on? :)

Creating gifts for other takes more time and, in my mind, needs to be thought of before the "official" Christmas season comes around. After all, in order to really put more thought and effort into a gift, is it not better to plan ahead and be able to spend more time on the gift rather than being stressed during the most wonderful time of the year with finishing presents? I think so. That is why I am so excited about Miss Grace's Christmas event. There will be sewing tutorials, recipes, Etsy finds, knitting and crocheting tutorials, decorating ideas, and gift wrapping ideas. Does it not sound just lovely? This event will last for seven weeks and there will be link ups on most days. I encourage you to visit Grace's lovely crafting blog and participate!

 Today I am linking up to Stitchin' Sunday Week One. Here are some sewing tutorials that I have found:

Ruffly Shirt Refashion

Circle Skirt

Pics 44312 copy300

Pleated Wrap Skirt

Petticoat Skirt


Pleated Apron

Ruffled Tote

Iron Craft Challenge #39 - Pillowcase Tote

Pillowcase Tote

Lunch Sacks

Sewn Egg Chicks

Miss Grace is also hosting a giveaway at her main blog here.

Do you have any gift plans yet?

Do you make Christmas gifts for others?

What are you looking forward to about the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons?


  1. Oh. my. gracious! That is an awesome list! I know I always say this but... I need to find time to make all of this! Although I'm an awful seamstress... haha

  2. I don't think I could make all of the things on this list, but at least it gives me something to try for. :)


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