Friday, September 21, 2012

summer pinterest projects

One of my 55 in 2012 goals was to make at least one thing from Pinterest every month. I realized that I had not posted my projects from this summer.

For my May project, I do not have a specific pin for it, but I had seen this type of headband floating around on Pinterest and Etsy at the beginning of the summer. This thing saved my life some days at camp. *smile*

June project:

I basically used this pattern:

knit pouches
// pin //

I am planning on giving this away as a sunglasses case.

In July, I knit this super simple headband (cast on 5 stitches, work in stockinette stitch for as long as you want). It turned out to be another headband that I wore a lot throughout the summer.

I took the idea from this pin:

Pinned Image
// pin //

I still want to make a fabric one.

In August, I did my hair like this twice:

I like it because I can put my hair up in a bun and still have it look nice.

Need to braid a little tighter, but this is oh so cute!
// pin //

Depending on what I make from Pinterest this fall, I may or may not post them until after Christmas since most of them will probably be gifts.

What have you been making lately?


  1. I love love love the sunglasses case! Adorable, and great idea! The hairstyle is really cute too :)


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