Saturday, September 29, 2012

field trip // aquarium

Today my family took a day trip down to Boston to visit the New England Aquarium. We had gone there seven years ago when we only had six kids. *smile*

// view from the ticket line //

// seals //

// touch tank with sting rays {they feel kind of like squishy, soft, hard-ish jelly} //

// little blue penguins //

// Chloe //

// Luke got a camera several weeks ago. He's a boy after my own heart. //

// Natalia //

// Sadie //

// fur seal //

// seals //


  1. The penguins... oh the penguins... ADORABLE HAS REACHED IT'S MASS.

  2. that looks like a lot of fun! I love aquariums!

    Love in Christ

  3. Oh my goodness! Chloe is soooo cute! That little face...

    Aquariums are always fun.


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