Sunday, September 2, 2012

fall crafting: it has begun

I have begun to assemble the supplies and project lists for my Christmas crafting. You can never begin too early, in my opinion. While looking around, I have seen some lovely patterns that I am hoping to make sometime soon. Cool fall evenings just beg for me to begin crafting. Here are some patterns to inspire you with your autumn crafting ventures!


This pattern is no longer available for free, sadly, but it looks like it would not be too hard to figure out. Perfect for those chilly fall mornings. 

Put it around your favorite mug filled with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Or the mug of a friend. *smile*

For both knitters and crocheters. These owls are just too cute! I have already made one and I am close to finishing a second.


Another wrap good for cold days.

Lovely idea, plus the photo has fallen leaves in it. What could be better? I like the big buttons with a chunky knit look.

Image of Cable Capelet

Can you tell that I really want to make one of these? *wink*

When working fair isle on double-pointed needles, keeping your tension can be a challenge. This five-shade toque is perfect practice. Shown in Patons Classic Wool DK Superwash.

I really want to try some Fair Isle soon. This hat looks like a fun project!


Hopefully my crochet skills will be up to this some day. Maybe yours are!

And now, I want to leave you with this:

Anatomy of a knitter

How is your fall crafting coming? Any plans?


  1. I've made several of those little owls for my little siblings and they love them!! And that Kangaroo Tunic... Oh my goodness. Thanks for sharing these patterns! I've been looking for some good patterns to make for Christmas presents!!


  2. Thank you so much, Emily, for posting this! Seeing all this great stuff makes me want to go unpack our whole storage building and grab my yarn! I'm bawling because all of my crafts are packed away...

    Everything is so adorable!
    Thanks, m'dear,

  3. Oh my goodness, I just love the cup cozy!
    and the picture was hilarious, and very similar to the mind of a crocheter ;)

    I wish that I could knit that well. I know the basic purl stitch, and the basic knit stitch, but beyond that I'm lost. I'm more of a crocheter, but you can't make garments as well in crochet as you can knit.
    Thanks for sharing!

    -Hannah :)


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