Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today, I would like to share some photos that I have taken with my sister's borrowed camera:
(I figured out how to get my watermark on my photos using Gimp, but does anyone know how to resize it?)

So, you should know something about me. I am completely in love with Tangled. My family and friends know this, so for Christmas and my birthday I got a few Tangled items. :) Including this toy set:

 I got bokeh!!

Isn't it just too cute?

I had a lot of fun photographing my set, if you hadn't noticed. :)

{insert random pic of hair clip here}

For my birthday one of my friends gave me giant Tangled coloring pages!!

For Christmas, another friend gave me a Tangled fleece blanket:

{I love having a window right by my makes for great lighting in photos. :)}

Finally, in my stocking (which  my family does on New Year's) my mother gave me a princess lunchbox!!!

While I was taking these photos, one of the only faces the camera detected was Rapunzel's. :)

My three favorite princesses.


If you have made it this far, congratulations! This post is filled with photos. Sorry, but I couldn't help myself. :)

Have you ever seen Tangled? If so, did you like it? Do you have anything Tangled-related?


  1. Oh fun post! :) YESSS! I LOVE Tangled!!! Such a cute movie! ;) Love all the great pics! The little Tangled toy set my little friend (she is six years old) got it for her b-day and I thought it was so cute! ;)
    Btw, what does bokeh mean?! I know I should prob know this ;) But I don't! :) lol
    God bless!

  2. Fun, fun, m'dear! I've just figured out how to get bokeh... And I am *so* excited. It really improves ones pictures, no?

  3. Thank you, lovelies!
    Gabby - yes, I think bokeh adds a lot. :)


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