Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

So, I will be gone this weekend. I am being a junior counselor at a winter weekend retreat. We are leaving today and coming home Sunday afternoon. Plus our new semester starts on Monday and I am thinking that I will have a lot more homework, so I am sorry, but I will probably not be posting a whole lot. I will try and keep my 365 blog updated and I will try to give you all updates whenever I can.
Thanks for understanding!

Hot chocolate and is good. I finished Persuasion yesterday, and Anne Elliot is my favorite Jane Austen heroine and Captain Wentworth is pretty close to Mr. Knightley as my favorite Austen hero. :)
Have you ever read Persuasion?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Shall be praying y'all keep safe! Have fun and really, with Persuasion and hot chocolate at your side... could life get better?


    1. Thank you, dear! I love Persuasion. :)


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