Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 goals completed

I have completed 4 out of my 55 goals to do in 2012! Yay! Only 51 more to go (I figured I would save ya'll having to do math on the weekend. :P)

Goal #2: Start a 365 Project
I didn't want to feel pressure to complete a 365. So far I am on day 11 (I haven't posted it yet, but I did it). You can stop by my 365 blog, One Day at a Time. I would love it. 

A 365 Photography Project

Goal #19: Make my blog a Facebook page.
 Here is the link Go on over and like it! I will try and get it up in my sidebar as soon as I can (photo does not go to page).

Goal #31: Walk in the woods while it is snowing or right after it has snowed.
We finally got snow on Thursday! (photos will come eventually) I was really excited. Plus, school was cancelled so I could sleep in.

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Goal #51: Get some photos developed.
Want to know something about me? I never get my photos developed. I am too lazy and poor. But I got a $20 reward from Shutterfly because I had ordered some senior print photos of my older sister that I had taken, so I got some prints that are being shipped to me. They haven't arrived yet, but I figured that this counted as being done since they are developed, I just haven't seen them. Plus the senior photos.

Did you have any goals set for 2012?
If so, how are you doing on them?


  1. Hurrah Emily! I know how nice it is to set a goal for yourself and then be able to cross it off and say "I did it."

    1. Thanks, Gabby! I am very much a to-do list person, so I love crossing things off. :)


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