Saturday, January 7, 2012

Smiley faces

Hello, everyone!

Here is a hat that i knit recently. I really like the bow in it; it adds a really nice variation on an otherwise plain hat. You can get the free pattern here.

Okay, sales pitch for a free item is over now...:)

My sister showed me how to make my watermark bigger in Gimp! Yay! I am also proud of myself because I (who has absolutely no HTML knowledge at all) figured out how to add another accordion button to my sidebar. :)

If you haven't checked out my 365 Blog, you should. :)

^Hmm...the background is kind of bokeh-like...^

I just love this photo. ^_^ The colors, focus...I just love it.

And...then there's me. :) I pretty much just wanted the sun to be in the background because I love getting the sun in my photos. :)

Okay, now just one more smiley face...:) There. All good.

How was your day?

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