Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree Memories

We got our tree yesterday!
I am excited.
Now, before you look at the pictures...
Did you ever watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas"? Remember the tree that Charlie Brown got? He picked it out because he felt sorry for it and he was ashamed of the commercialism that he saw. His friends made fun of the tree at first because it was small and scrawny, but eventually they loved it and it looked beautiful.
Well, we didn't necessarily pick our tree out for those reasons, but...hopefully no one makes fun of it and I think it looks beautiful. :) So, without any further delay, here is our Christmas tree:

Last year, we got a huge tree that took up half of our living room. We scaled down a bit this year. But's real, it's decorated, and it sparkles and twinkles very nicely early in the morning. :)

Chloe and Sadie, excited about the tree.

You can see the ornaments really well...:)

Natalia, staring in wonder at the lights...

Natalia and Mommy. <3

Our star.

This is my "Baby's First Christmas" ornament.

Luke vacuuming stray pine needles.

Chloe "vacuuming" the floor.

Sadie smiling. My siblings know to smile when they see the red light. :)

Lydia always says that she blinks more than the average person because in most photos of her she has her eyes closed. So...

this happened. :) She's only a little crazy...

AWANA store Christmas gifts from the little guys.

Eventually I ended up laying (or is it lying...does anyone know?) on the floor taking photos from that angle. :)


Okay, now, I was super excited about these shots:

Sorry about the amount of photos...I just love if you couldn't tell. :)

Do you have your Christmas tree yet?

Have you decorated for Christmas in any way besides a tree?


  1. Gorgeous pictures; love the Christmas lights (:
    We've decked our house out with wreathes, ornaments, garland, lights, blah blah blah. It is beautiful though!
    PS- my facebook photography album is the quote you have at the top about borrowing photographs (:

  2. Very lovely post!!! Your siblings are so cute!!! :) And the last few pictures are awesome! I love the blur look!!! :D
    God bless!!

  3. Pretty! We got our tree, I'm pretty sure it's the biggest one we've ever had!

    Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love Christmas as well :) And your tree is pretty :)

  5. Katie - that is just too funny! I love that quote. :)
    Madie - we ended up buying one at a supermarket instead of picking one out and that's the only reason why we have ours right now.
    Lizzie - Thanks! I love the last few photos, too.
    Tirzah - compared to our tree last year, this one is really small, but I like it.
    Kathleen - Thanks!

  6. Great photos!! And it would be laying ^_^

  7. Haha thanks, Lily! Actually, I thought that if anyone would know, you would. :)


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