Thursday, December 1, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved her camera and her family. One year at Thanksgiving, she and her family were going on a five hour trip to visit her cousins. Since she loved her camera, she decided to bring it. While packing, the girl grabbed her camera from it's shelf and placed it with her luggage. Upon arriving at their destination, she was so busy that she had no time to take photos.  On the third morning, the girl went to get her camera and discovered something awful: 


The girl was heartbroken. She couldn't believe that she had been so absentminded as to forget her beloved camera!

While packing up the van on the morning of their departure, the girl saw a familiar shape on the van floor. It was her camera! It had fallen out of her bag during the unpacking on the night of her arrival!

The girl, while happy that she was not going crazy, was even more disappointed. But, she had taken a few photos with her sister's camera of her little sisters, but not any of the whole family together. The girl decided to make extra sure at the next family gathering to have her camera with her.

THE {tragic}  END.


  1. What a sad little story! Hopefully you will be able to take pictures next time!!

  2. Aww! I know exactly how you felt! I had a nightmare the other night about my camera being stolen while on vacation! Imagine my relief when I woke up! :D

  3. Eve, at least you realized that it was a dream once you woke up! Sometimes I have dreams that I think actually happened until I found out differently. :P


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