Thursday, October 4, 2012

what i wore // sailor

cardigan // made by me
blouse // hand-me-down
skirt // made by me
bobby pin // an etsy shop {i think it was chrome and cotton}

Whenever I wear this outfit, I am told that I remind someone of a sailor. Well, that works out well since I am linking up to Sarah and Samantha's fashion event and one of the day's themes in nautical. 

So, I would like you all to know that I now have my driver's license! {for those unfamiliar with Maine's license system: you take driver's education, take a written test for your permit, drive for 35 hours and record them all, take a driving test, then, if you pass, you get your license}. I am very excited that I can now drive myself places. By myself. *smile*

I hope you lovely people have a fantastic day!


  1. Cute!!!
    You KNIT that cardi? Oh my goodness Emily! You are so talented!

  2. Oh my gosh... you MADE THAT CARDIGAN?!!! You are simply put: amazing. Girl...!

  3. Ah, man, someone beat me to it but - YOU KNIT THAT CARDINGAN???! aklsf;kaflkflkalfkjd fslkjdfslkjfkldss flkjafkj :OOOOOOOOOOOOOO {<<< that's literally what my jaw looked like when I saw that you actually KNIT THAT CARDIGAN!!!}

    wow. just wow. the whole outfit is ridiculously sweet, but I still can't get over that cardigan!! *smile*



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