Tuesday, October 23, 2012

what i wore // cowl

dress // goodwill
cowl // made by me
shoes // hand-me-down

i wore this on sunday, which was a fairly warm day for october, so i decided to go without socks or a sweater. i bought this dress at goodwill at the beginning of the summer, and i love it. not only is it my favorite color, but it is ultra-comfy. and handknits are always best, right? oh, and in the background? a shed being built in our yard. exciting stuff. to store our stuff.



  1. Gorgeous! You always dress so pretty :)

  2. You made that scarf? Adorable! It's my favorite part of the outfit :) I'm so jealous of your 'what I wore' pictures - I need to find myself a photographer, haha. Love the outfit.

  3. You,re awesome! This dress looks great on you but your smile is what makes photos special :)

  4. That is SOO cute! I love, love, love your outfit!


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