Saturday, September 24, 2011


I bought these shoes the other day.

I love them. The plaid, the leather looking straps, the buckle....

Guess how much I paid for them?


I love Goodwill. :)

Entering this photo in Francesca's Photo Contest.

I like wearing them. They make my small-ish feet look even smaller. :)

I don't know why, but I have this thing for shoes. I like trying them on, buying them, wearing cool and funky shoes everywhere...they just add a little personality to any outfit.

What kind of shoes do you like?

I will have a real post coming soon with some pictures that I took today. I just don't have time to write and upload pictures right now.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love the shoes - they are very different and I've never seen any like them! Which to me, is the perfect pair! Great shots!

  2. Thanks! I saw them and knew that I just had to buy them. :)

  3. i love those shoes!!!

    i'm having a contest on my blog, would you join it please? :)

  4. Thanks! I will enter your contest. :)

  5. How about ANY shoe??? I'm a shoe-loving fanatic! :D


  6. I love all cute/stylish/comfy shoes!! I like collecting them and wearing them. :)


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