Friday, September 16, 2011

Random List of Random Things

Random Things Today

1. I am wearing my favorite purple scarf.....

2. With my brand new Eeyore socks. :)

3. Today was the last day of my first full week of full time public school. (Before we had only had a four day week and before that a two day week).

4. The weather finally started cooling down today. Earlier this week it was 70-something degrees and today it's about 55 degrees. :)

5. In chorus at school we are singing this song and this song and I love them. I can't wait to perform them!

6. My little sisters are adorable. Enough said.

Sadie, Natalia, and Chloe. You may remember Chloe from my last post.
7. Note to self: I really should put up a page of just my siblings so if I reference them, you can go and see who they are.

8. We made smoothies at school today in a home ec. class. My group's smoothie still had little chunks of ice in it. Whoops!

9. I made these things called Cinnamon Balls the other day. Next time I make them I'll try and take pictures and put up the recipe. I got the recipe from a past issue of 

which is a great magazine for Christian girls that you should check out and subscribe to because it's really good.

So, that's my randomness for the day. :) 
Did you enjoy my ramblings?
Have a good day!

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