Saturday, January 30, 2016


We say we want to be more creative and original, but we copy the work of others out of laziness.

We want to blog, tweet, and generally tell the world about our picturesque adventures while staying home all day, afraid to step out of our comfort zones.

We comment with heart-eyed emojis while being jealous of someone else rather than simply being happy for them and living out our own dreams.

We complain about not having enough time to [insert activity] while we scroll through Pinterest as we watch Netflix.

We sit still for hours, not moving until that "low battery" warning appears for the second or third time.

I generalize my problems and frustrations with my own failings in order to make myself feel better, masking my hypocrisy under the guise of "sympathizing" or "connecting" with other people.

I need to set aside time to be creative.

I need to step out of my warm, safe little bubble in order to discover amazing things.

I need to put others before myself. I need to stop letting my fear of what people will think of me keep me from trying new things or chasing my dreams.

I need to be better at managing my time.

I need to shut down my electronic devices in order to live in the world that's right in front of me, the world that will not wait for me.


  1. this is amazing. This is exactly what I was thinking about right now actually... as I'm sitting in my bed doing nothing. Thanks :)

  2. Wow...WELL SAID! I couldn't agree with you more... it's like we so often get caught up in what the world's idea of "living" is that we miss the wonderful lives that God *has* given us. We miss the gifts. I needed this reminder today!

  3. I wrote this while sitting on my bed, too. Definitely something I'm working on.
    Thank you so much for stopping by, Zoe! I just saw on your site that you're going to backpack around Europe! That's amazing!

  4. Thank you so much! I completely agree with what you said about getting caught up in what the world says living is and forget what God says.


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