Monday, February 2, 2015

a blog award

The lovely Miss Abbey Noelle tagged me in a "You're amazing and so is your blog" award, and here are her questions!

What is the car of your dreams?

A Volkswagen bus. I have wanted one of these as long as I can remember, back before Pinterest told everyone that they are cool. ;)

What's your jam? (aka favorite song of all time)

Oh, boy. I am awful at choosing favorite songs, books, movies, etc, and my favorites change over time. But so far as songs that I always have and always will jam out to, I would say Disney and gospel music.

Best bit of advice someone has ever given you? 

Hmm...I honestly don't know.

Do you prefer light, pastel colors or darker, jewel tones?

During this time of the year, I like darker tones, but during the summer I gravitate more towards lighter colors. When it comes to wearing colors, I tend to stick to darker colors because they look better on me.

If you could go back in time, what era would you go to?

Probably the Regency period, around the Jane Austen era. I would love to observe what life was really like during that time. 
Or possibly ancient Rome.
Or the 1950's.
Basically, I want a Tardis so I can go everywhere in time. ;)

Would you rather spend a week in a busy city filled with excitement + people, or in the quiet countryside surrounded by the beauty of nature?

The quiet countryside. I love being able to retreat into the stillness of nature. I don't think I was made for city life. 

Well, I am really bad at answering questions, apparently. But now, I have questions that I would love for all of you to answer in the comments, and if you would like to answer them on your blog, let me know! Here it goes...

When you are on the internet, do you keep a lot of tabs open or try to keep it to a minimum?
Tea, coffee, both, or neither?
What kinds of books do you like to read?
Facebook , Twitter, or neither?
What are some of your favorite scents?
What are your top three favorite colors?

Answer away!


  1. I currently have 16 tabs open. :P
    I have a twitter, but I use Facebook a lot more.
    Those are all fantastic smells.

  2. I used to be like that, but now I keep lots of tabs open full of blog posts I want to read, knitting patterns, homework I need to do...currently, I have 15 tabs. :P


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