Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday // 4

45. Reconnecting quickly with people after coming back to school.
46. Being able to spend time with both sides of the family over Christmas break.
47. New books to read,
48. Rediscovering favorite old books.
49. Adventures with "Jess and the Em" - my friends Jessica, Emily, and I decided one night to order pizza, drove during a gorgeous sunset to pick it up, and watched Captain America.
50. Watching Parks and Recreation which always makes me feel better.
51. Professors who really care.
52. My Jesus I Love Thee by Selah

53. Hymns in any form.
54. Getting to try new things like silk painting and making quill pens,
55. Friends who are always there to listen, sympathize, and give advice.
56. Comfort foods like chili and homemade cornbread being served in the cafeteria.
57. Comfort knitting projects like garter stitch scarves.
58. The library where I can escape into the quiet and stillness. 

59. Conversations that really make me think.
60. Compliments and praise when I work hard.
61. Fruit-infused water.
62. Loose leaf tea.
63. Inky pens that write smoothly.
64. Taking the time to play the violin. I desperately miss playing the piano here at school, so I love making music in other ways.
65. RA's that buy us pizza on the weekends.

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