Friday, January 24, 2014

What I will choose to remember

Written at the end of Christmas vacation

After three snow days delayed the beginning of school this year, this prolonged vacation is over. I've loved every minute, even if I didn't always feel productive.

But that's okay. Sometimes the most "unproductive" times are the most memorable. In a month, I'm not going to remember all that time I didn't spend on that essay. What I will recall is the way Natalia sings "Redeemed" and "Let it Go" into her little microphone. The way Abbie laughs while trying to blow out birthday candles. The way Chloe loves to cuddle while watching movies. The way the boys get each other going just to sit down 10 minutes later and trade sports cards. The conversations my cousin Tia and I had each night in Canada before falling asleep at 2:00 am. The way Ne-Ne, my grandmother, bustles about while Grampie swaps stories with their three children. 

All of that is what I will remember, and that is what I want to remember forever, once school is over and grades fade into a distant, unimportant memory. Once I am far away at college and don't see my family every day.

These things matter, these memories, more than any grade or stress or online game or Facebook update.

This is what I will choose to remember.

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