Sunday, January 12, 2014

If that isn't love

Lately, I've been loving traditional hymns like "Precious Memories", "If that isn't love", "What a Friend we have in Jesus", and "I know Who holds tomorrow." Those songs seem to have more meaning than a lot of the music written today because of their timelessness. They've been around for years and will keep on being sung, as long as I have breath. 

These songs were written in a time before the internet made it easier to popularize songs, before auto-tune existed to make everything sound perfect, by people who just loved God and weren't afraid to show it. These people didn't write music to get a top selling hit, to get a lot of fans, or to play on television. They focused more on the words and meaning of a song than on creating a catchy tune or good bass line/drum solo/whatever is popular. 

I love all kinds of music, but those hymns mean more to me than any song written today because of their depth and history.

I encourage you to take the time to sing or listen to some of those traditional hymns and timeless gospel songs.


  1. Oh, I love the song:"I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" and your photography was very pretty! I agree with you some of the stuff that comes out today doesn't compare to some older songs,


  2. Yes.... there is just something about those old, well repeated hymns that captures my heart and fixes my gaze upon the Savior. The doctrines therein, the simple pleas and prayers, the melodious songs of sinners saved by grace. What a blessed gift we have in hymns...


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