Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekly wrap-up // put your head on my shoulder

this week i...

read // rejoice // reunion // moby dick //

enjoyed // baking bread // thanksgiving // family // Christmas music // travel sized items // comics // purple skirts // hats // school vacation // cranberry sauce //

pinned //

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what have you done this week?


  1. Mmm love these pictures, if only I had that many books. And that boardwalk photo is simply inspiring. I haven read moby dick, was it any good ? did you like it ? I'm always interested in a new book.
    I hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope

  2. LOVE the candy pic...what have I done this week...?

    Cried for a 4 year old dying of cancer, cried for a 56 year old friend dying of cancer, I laughed with my 7 year old who lost his tooth and swallowed it...(on accident) the tooth fairy still left him a $1...I sat with my husband and listened to the wind howl, I watched my dog twitch in her sleep as she dreamed of chasing something. (her ball perhaps) Oh, and I knit. I knit some socks. I made a meat loaf. And I watched an old episode of Andy Griffith. :SMILE

    Many blessings on all your doings THIS week!

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