Thursday, November 29, 2012

fold. thump. turn.


mathias meyer


Anna's No-Knead Artisan Bread


fold. thump. turn. fold. thump. turn. fold. thump. turn.
over and over again.
fold. thump. turn.
quick-moving hands.
flour spread all over the counter.
a recipe card sits next to a bowl.
later on, I will let the bread dough rise then bake it.
but right now, i just
fold. thump. turn.


  1. I love that!! Beautiful writing :) You're such a poet.

  2. Do you make bread ? I love homemade bread, as do my brothers.
    A few years ago we stopped buying store made bread, Its hard to make enough bread for nine people for a whole week. Its gone in one day :)))
    especially with four big brothers. So what you described is basically my life.
    Heeee, I love the photos. And that last photo, I was going to make that recipe today !
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope


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