Saturday, November 3, 2012

stark beauty

there is a stark beauty in nature once she has dropped the mantle of autumn onto the ground. sometimes it is hidden by our sorrow. we want to hold on to the flaming colors of fall a little longer and are sad when they disappear. there is still beauty; just a different kind. the bare branches show the simplicity and complexity that exist in intertwining lines. tree bark adds texture and depth to the forest screen. the forever faithful evergreen displays its greenery proudly, reminding us that Christmas is just around the corner and we will decorate our halls with her finery. all of this plays out against the backdrop of an overcast sky, delineating each little twig and branch that were hidden by glorious foliage not too long ago. 

even though the leaves are gone, there is still beauty to be found.


  1. Beautiful! Did my last letter ever arrive at your house?

    1. Yes, it did! I should get my reply in the mail in the next couple of days.


  2. Amen. There IS such a lovely simplicity in bare branches against gray skies... almost like a silhouette.


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